Since the novel coronavirus SARS-Cov-2 emerged late last year, it has been virtually impossible to consume any news without encountering stories about the virus and how it spreads, potential treatments, and the development of new vaccines. This deluge of news can be overwhelming, especially for those who aren’t well-versed in […]

Millions of cocoa farmers live in poverty across western Africa. Over the years, these farmers have been forced to contend with geopolitical instability, predatory loan practices, and a general lack of information that hampers their ability to maximize yields and sell crops at fair prices. Other problems, such as deforestation […]

A new miniature pump — compact, valveless, and operated magnetically — demonstrates the broad capabilities of devices manufactured by 3D printing. Measuring only 1 centimeter in volume, the pump was fabricated in 75 minutes in a single process using multiple materials that cost less than $3.89 per unit. It can […]

On a typical day, light floods through much of the MIT Media Lab building, with its see-through exterior, multistory atriums, and glass-walled interior workspaces. For the last year, members of the Media Lab community have been developing a community dialogue with the aim of making the lab’s culture and administration […]

MIT engineers have designed a Velcro-like food sensor, made from an array of silk microneedles, that pierces through plastic packaging to sample food for signs of spoilage and bacterial contamination. The sensor’s microneedles are molded from a solution of edible proteins found in silk cocoons, and are designed to draw […]

Despite the upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic, 10 new faculty members have joined MIT in the departments of Biology; Chemistry; Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences; Mathematics; and Physics. The School of Science welcomes these new faculty, most of whom began their appointment July 1, amidst efforts to update education […]

Testing, contact tracing, and quarantining infected people are all tools in the effort to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. So are mask-wearing and social distancing. But what impact does each have? A study co-authored by MIT researchers finds that robust testing, contact tracing, and quarantining by household can keep cases […]

When MIT moved many of its operations online last March in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, thousands of employees rose to the challenge of remote work. Meanwhile, hundreds of others showed up each day to keep the campus running smoothly and safely. In a video honoring staff members across the […]

When Kate Turner was an undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame, she kept hearing the same message. “As a Black woman, people kept telling me, ‘we need more Black women in STEM!’” recalls Turner. The message had some influence on her choice of major — but then, so did […]

Much of the earthy taste of rye bread is due to caraway seeds. These seeds get their flavor from carvone, a molecule made up of 10 carbon atoms, 14 hydrogen atoms, and one oxygen atom. But earthy isn’t the only taste that exact collection of atoms can create. The minty […]

Researchers from the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), MIT’s research enterprise in Singapore, have discovered a new way to reverse antibiotic resistance in some bacteria using hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Growing antimicrobial resistance is a major threat for the world with a projected 10 million deaths each year by […]

The year 1970 was a milestone for efforts to combat air pollution. On April 22, the first Earth Day was celebrated. The 1970 Clean Air Act was the first policy to establish federal regulations on car and industry emissions. In July, President Richard M. Nixon announced his plan to establish […]

After Kevin Lujan Lee came out to his parents, he found another family in Improving Dreams, Equality, Access, and Success (IDEAS), an undocumented student advocacy and support group at the University of California at Los Angeles. After joining the organization to support his undocumented partner at the time, he fell […]

The following letter was sent to the MIT community today by President L. Rafael Reif. To the members of the MIT community, For those undergraduates who will return to campus this semester, the next ten days will be full of planning, packing, logistics and checklists – and that image is […]

The following letter was sent to the MIT community today by President L. Rafael Reif. To the members of the MIT community, Focus feels hard to come by. With the nation torn by so much struggle, uncertainty, turmoil and injustice, and the planet in such peril, a great many outward […]

On Monday, MIT welcomed undergraduates back to a new fall semester with the annual President’s Welcome Convocation. More than 9,000 people around the world tuned in to watch the live, virtual event. The event opened with “Together Everywhere: An MIT Convideocation” — a preproduced video that featured a flyover of […]

The health care system today largely focuses on helping people after they have problems. When they do receive treatment, it’s based on what has worked best on average across a huge, diverse group of patients. Now the company Health at Scale is making health care more proactive and personalized — […]

“What I want to reiterate about this year is, it’s going to be strange. It is going to be a transition for the entire MIT community. But as 2024s, you are absolutely being prioritized in a number of ways, and there are so many people out there who are really, […]

How many retail, food, and service establishments are there on the streets of New York City? How about Evanston, Illinois? Or Sacramento, California? It turns out the amount of urban street commerce is strikingly related to population size. The biggest metro areas in the U.S. have one retail, food, or […]

The practicality of quantum computing hangs on the integrity of the quantum bit, or qubit. Qubits, the logic elements of quantum computers, are coherent two-level systems that represent quantum information. Each qubit has the strange ability to be in a quantum superposition, carrying aspects of both states simultaneously, enabling a […]

In late 1994 Mexico suffered a severe currency crisis, with attacks on the peso by international traders that led to inflation, bailouts, and macroeconomic woes. Some experts had thought Mexico was ripe for a currency crisis a couple of years before it happened. So if the peso was already vulnerable […]

Kinsa was founded by MIT alumnus Inder Singh MBA ’06, SM ’07 in 2012, with the mission of collecting information about when and where infectious diseases are spreading in real-time. Today the company is fulfilling that mission along several fronts. It starts with families. More than 1.5 million of Kinsa’s “smart” […]

Some of the stereotypical differences between the United States and France do check out, according to Antoine Levy: The weather and the food are much worse in New England, he says, and the people are much more welcoming. But for Levy, who is about to start the fifth year of […]

Many analysts have predicted an explosion in the number of industrial “internet of things” (IoT) devices that will come online over the next decade. Sensors play a big role in those forecasts. Unfortunately, sensors come with their own drawbacks, many of which are due to the limited energy supply and […]


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